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>> If you registered for a workshop and want to check about the time or other details, you can find this on the workshop page where you made your purchase. All pages stay online through the workshop date.

>> Wondering about upcoming workshops? We’re happy to hear from you, but all upcoming workshops are listed here. We are not able to give info about upcoming workshops beyond what is listed. Sign up for our newsletter to hear about new workshops first! Or go to our All Workshops page and sign up for specific workshop notifications.

>> We do not have wait/cancellation lists for our workshops. Cancellations are very rare. Good news: Almost all of our workshops will be offered again!

>> Our workshops take place at 325 21st St W, Saskatoon, unless otherwise noted.


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Who We are

We believe in in-person learning. To receive feedback, to see techniques in person, and to learn alongside others, because learning is social.

Through Craft School YXE, we hope to give local makers the opportunity to share their passion and grow their audience.

Thank you for joining us.

Our Team

We are Makers With a Love for Art, Design, and DIY. In spring 2017, two women moved to Riversdale, Saskatoon. Both had a craft they’d been honing for a few years, and hoped to use this craft to connect to the creative community here. The magic of social media brought them together for coffee, and today they are partners in business, friendship, and the pursuit of creative excellence.

In November 2018 Jen started a new adventure in Alberta. Emily now is the Owner, Coordinator, and Weaving Instructor for Craft School.


Emily Hitz

Word Writer \\ Number Cruncher \\ Pinterest Patroller \\ Communication Captain

Emily Hitz grew up on the California coast. In 2007 she left to attend UBC, and stayed in Vancouver until she was pretty much Canadian. She has worked as a classroom teacher, teacher trainer, and instructional designer. In 2015 she returned home briefly, where she learned tapestry weaving from Tricia Goldberg. She and her husband then moved to Saskatoon.

Emily’s weaving practice has allowed her to meet other makers, keep busy during the winter, and foster a sense of self and passion in a city where she sometimes feels far from home. She knew she wanted to teach others the joy of weaving, and thus, Craft School YXE was born.

If she had spare time, she would spend it fixing her century-old home, taking her little old dog on longer walks by the river, making all the weavings she dreams of, or practicing her Spanish. She owns six looms, from travel-sized to piano-sized, but can't bear to part with any of them.

Our Instructors We’d be nothing without our dedicated, creative workshop instructors. Some instructors teach almost ever month, others just once or a few times a year. But the diversity of our offerings is thanks to their wonderful skill sets. Instructor bios are on our workshop pages.