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Past Workshops


All Workshops: The List

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This page contains descriptions of all workshops past, present and future offered by Craft School YXE. Some of these workshops are not currently available, but check back again soon!

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Weaving workshops are the heart and soul of Craft School— our weaving instructor is also our co-owner. Weaving is an incredibly versatile craft, but our focus is on creative wall hangings, made on frame looms.

We offer a variety of weaving workshops, including:

Intro to Weaving (includes shaped loom classes) Play with a variety of natural fibers— wool, jute, cotton— and so many delicious, dramatic or subtle textures. You will weave mostly edge-to-edge stripes, get the hang of warp and weft tension, and learn how to cut off and finish your weaving to hang proudly on a wall.

This is our most basic weaving class. (5 hours).

Weaving 101 (Multi-week class)

This is the class to really learn the ins and outs of weaving. You will finish this this workshop understanding how to warp a frame loom and finish a weaving for display, build angles, curves and shapes in your design, implement techniques for delicious texture, and more. We’ll discuss the wild variety of available fibres, and the many tools and accessories available.

10-12 total hours


Block Printing

Block printing is an ancient craft, found across cultures using many mediums. Most at-home block printers today use rubber carving blocks, which are carved with a variety of tools to create a design which can then be printed again and again onto fabric, paper— anything at all!

We offer workshops in block carving and printing; participants take home the blocks (stamps) they have carved as well as the napkins, tote bag, cards or tea towels that they printed on.

We are developing a printing-only workshop with a focus on repeating geometric patterns and colour theory— stay tuned!


Indigo Dyeing & Shibori

Come witness the magic of plant dyes at work, and make a beautiful indigo shibori shawl.

In this workshop we will be working with indigo, an ancient and 100% natural dye. Participants will dye a 20 x 70 inch shawl to keep for their home or wardrobe.


Paper Marbling 

Marbling is one of the easiest yet most gratifying crafts out there. Join us as we make an assortment of marbled paper goods to use as cards, wall art, or whatever you can dream up! You’ll have the opportunity to play with different colour schemes and ink designs.